It is the goal of Sacramento County to create and maintain an integrated system of bikeways that is direct, safe and convenient to use for work, school, errands and recreation. The County recognizes the need to encourage and promote bicycle use as a viable, attractive, non-polluting form of transportation that improves physical fitness and community well-being. ​The Sacramento County Bicycle Master Plan is the guiding document for achieving this goal.

Bikeway Maintenance

The Department of Transportation maintains bikeways in unincorporated Sacramento County. This maintenance includes sweeping bike lanes to keep them free of debris, ensuring that bike lane markings are visible and that traffic signal equipment is operational.

To initiate a request for maintenance:  Call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at

Bicycle Safety  

The most common cause of bicycle accidents occur when bicycle riders travel on the wrong side of the road against traffic.  Bicycle riders and automobile drivers follow the same rules and have the same rights. These rules include obeying traffic signals and signs.  Be sure to use the proper safety equipment such as an approved bicycle helmet, bright clothing and safety goggles. Your bicycle should be equipped with the appropriate color reflectors. It is the law in California that when riding at night you have a white headlamp, attached to the bicycle or your body that can be seen from 300 feet to the front and from the sides and illuminates the road or bikeway in front of the bicyclists. (California Vehicle Code Section 21201)  

Planning a Bike Trip?

Before heading into uncharted territory for the first time consider doing the following for your safety: 

  1. Drive the route in your car first with an eye on how it would be on a bike.
  2. If not possible, check the route using Google Street view, or other online tools.  Remember that conditions can change quite a bit from when the photos were taken.
  3. Try the new route for the first time on a Saturday or Sunday morning when traffic is light and you are not under time constraints.
  4. Ask other bicyclists what their favorite routes are and what to look out for.
  5. Try out the Sacramento Region Travel Info website and the online bicycle trip planner for suggested routes at Don’t take their word for it, check the route with steps 1 through 4.

Sacramento County Bikeway Map

Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee

The SACBAC (Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee) is the citizen advisory committee established by the Board of Supervisors to oversee the implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan and to advise on bicycle transportation related issues. Committee members, meetings and agendas can be found on the Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee webpage.

Contact Information

Mikki McDaniel, Bicycle and Transit Coordinator​
Phone: 916-875-4769