Care About Neighborhoods (CAN)

What is CAN?

CAN consists of three programs developed by the Department of Transportation to deal with the problem of speeding on residential streets.  

Conventional methods of speed control through law enforcement alone have not adequately addressed the problem of speeding on residential streets.  The CAN Programs go beyond traditional law enforcement and utilize the basic principle of the Four E's:  combining Engineering, Education, Encouragement, and Enforcement.

Photo of speeding car. Neighborhood Speed Watch Program (NSWP)

The NSWP allows residents to help reduce speeding by using County  radar equipment to identify speeders. The registered owners of vehicles observed speeding are sent an awareness letter to encourage drivers to obey the speed limit when traveling on neighborhood streets.

 Photo of radar trailer.Neighborhood Speed Awareness Program (NSAP)

The NSAP uses radar trailers, and changeable message sign boards, to make drivers aware of their speed and surroundings. The goals of NSAP are to increase traffic safety awareness and voluntary compliance with residential speed limits.


Photo of school presentation. CAN Goes to School (CAN GTS) Program

The CAN GTS Program educates elementary school children, grades 1-4, in the rules of pedestrian and bicycle safety while crossing streets. The CAN GTS Program also instructs children and parents on the correct way to wear a bicycle/scooter helmet, and the importance of buckling up in a safety harness while riding in a motor vehicle.


For information regarding CAN, or to request a specific CAN program for your neighborhood: 

Call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at