Streetlights on Coyle Avenue, Hillsdale Boulevard and Watt Avenue

Project Description

This project will install street lighting on Coyle Ave, Hillsdale Blvd and Watt Ave.  On Watt Ave, the project will install median fencing from Elkhorn Blvd to a location 700’ north of Elkhorn Blvd, and grouted cobble at the median nose.

Project Benefits

  • Reduced potential future crashes due to the application of the safety countermeasures
  • Improved safety for pedestrians: installed street lighting, flash beacon, and median fencing and cobble end treatment

Project Schedule

Preliminary Design: 2020 to 2021   

Environmental review: 2019 to 2020   

  • PER Control No.: TBD
  • CEQA Environmental Action at Board of Supervisors Meeting: TBD
  • NEPA Determination: TBD

Final Design: 2021 to 2022 
Right-of-Way Acquisition: No right-of-way acquisition is anticipated for this project
Construction: 2022

Project Map



The estimated construction cost for the project is $1,675,000.  The project is funded through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) 2018-1 (Cycle 9)

Contact Information

Stan Sorensen, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916 874 2816,

Crystal Tu, Associate Civil Engineer
Phone: 916 874 6869