County Service Area 1 Benefit Category Change

County Service Area 1 (CSA1) provides funds for the maintenance and operation of street and safety lights in Sacramento County. Funds are collected as a direct levy on the annual property tax bills.

When a development has a condition of approval stating: “…the property shall be included in County Service Area No. 1, or some other financing mechanism to the satisfaction of the Director of Transportation, at a rate that will fund the full cost of operating and maintaining the street and safety lights for that development, including an annual escalation factor“, an assessment ballot procedure may be required, in order to change to an Enhanced or Decorative benefit category.

Department of Transportation staff will review the subdivision map and conditions of approval to determine if an assessment ballot is necessary. If no street lights are required with the development, or if the enhanced or decorative street light benefit categories are not applicable to the development, the condition is satisfied. Department of Transportation staff will notify Development and Surveyor Services.

If a ballot procedure is required, Department of Transportation or Community Development staff will send an application form to the applicant. The applicant will return the application form with a check for the fee to the Infrastructure Finance Section, where the ballot will be prepared and the public hearing scheduled. Because the law requires a 45 day notice period prior to the public hearing, applicants should start the process as early as possible.

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