Engineering & Planning Division

Oversees engineering, planning and development of transportation projects including:

  • Capital Improvement Plan implementation for roadway capacity, traffic signal, bridge, sidewalk, bike lane, and landscaping projects.
  • Long-range County transportation planning including policy development, traffic study, and analysis.
  • Management of funding programs for capital improvements and roadway maintenance.
  • Coordination with the County General Plan and other regional transportation plans.
  • Development services including planning application review and improvement plan review.
  • Planning, implementation and support for alternative travel mode programs (ADA, pedestrian, bicycles, and transit).
  • Compliance with ordinances for tree preservation, water conservation, and zoning codes.



Steve White: Division Chief



Matt Darrow, Division Chief

Transportation Planning & Development Services

Transportation Programs and Active Modes

 Contact Information

Phone: 916-874-6291
FAX: 916-874-7831