College Interns Jobs

​Do you want to learn first hand about the transportation profession.  SacDOT has openings for college students looking for internships.  Join us and learn real world applications in real time.  There are actually 5 different classifications, one for each level in college ranging from Freshman to Graduate Student.  Below are links to of those specifications.

The requirements to qualify for Engineering Architect Student Intern with SACDOT are as follows:  

  • You must be a Civil Engineering major, preferably with AutoCAD experience at an accredited educational institution.  
  • ​You must be a enrolled as a full time student with the following enrollment requirement 
    • Freshman (FR): 0-30 semester units or 0-45 quarter units 
    • Sophomore (SO): 31-60 semester units or 46-90 quarter units
    • Junior (JR): 61-90 semester units or 91-135 quarter units
    • Senior (SR): 91+ semester units or 136 + quarter units
    • Graduate (GS): A Bachelor’s degree or higher and current full-time enrollment in an accredited graduate program​

The pay range according to class year.

Freshman - $20.83/hr

Sophomore - $21.82/hr

Junior - $22.92/hr

Senior - $24.04/hr

Grad - $28.90/hr​