I-5 Metro Air Parkway Interchange

Project Description

This new interchange will extend Metro Air Parkway south to and over Interstate 5. 

The interchange will be Metro Air Park’s front door.  Situated near I-5, Highway 99, and Highway 70, Metro Air Parkway is a natural jumping off point for transporting of goods. The I-5 interchange will help foster that transportation access to Metro Air Park.

Project Cost:

$17.9 million

Project Work

  • Creating a grade-separation interchange on Interstate 5 between State Routes 7/70/99 and at Powerline Road at the I-5 overcrossing
  • Bridge construction
  • Overhead sign construction
  • Bridge railings
  • Ramp meters

Road Closure Information

Bayou Way

Bayou Way (the frontage road next to I-5 near the airport) from Tarboro Lane to Power Line Road until November 2020.  The first phase work along Bayou is to remove and rebuild water lines that feed the Airport.  The second phase will be the construction of the interchange and overpass on I-5 which will also require construction crews to continue working on Bayou Way.



Projected Completion Date

Summer 2021

Contact Information​

Melissa L. Wright, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-874-4243
Email:  wrightme@SacCounty.NET


View The Project's Progress

November 4


Construction Photos

July 2020

 pipe installation

Building Northwest Off Ramp

 Installation of pipe