Raised Crosswalk

Raised Crosswalks are speed tables striped with crosswalk markings and signage to channelize pedestrian crossings, providing pedestrians with a level street crossing. Also, by raising the level of the crossing, pedestrians are more visible to approaching motorists. The magnitude of reduction in speed is dependent of the spacing of raised crosswalks between points that require drivers to slow. On average raised crosswalks achieve an 18% reduction in speeds.

Photo of raised crosswalk. 


  • Improve safety for both vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Aesthetic upgrades can have positive aesthetic value.
  • Effective in reducing speeds, though not to the extent of speed humps.


  • Textured materials, if used, can be expensive.
  • Impact to drainage needs to be considered.
  • Textured pavement can increase noise to adjacent residences.
  • Signs may be unwelcome by adjacent residents.  


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