Oversized Trucking (Transportation) Permit

An oversized trucking (transportation) permit is required anytime a vehicle and/or load exceeds the following dimensions established in section 35780 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC).

  • Height—14 ft
  • Width—8.5 ft
  • Length— See CVC 35400
  • Weight— See CVC 35550

Transportation permit applications are received, reviewed, and processed by the Sacramento County Department of County Engineering, Technical Resources Section. Transportation permit applications may be submitted by mail or may be submitted directly to the Technical Resources office address indicated below. Single trip permits can be faxed by a designated permit service directly to the Technical Resource office. Guidelines and requirements for each permit type are listed and explained below. Upon review of the permit application, specific conditions may be included such as a requirement for a survey of the proposed route verifying that no obstructions exists that may create problems along the route, CHP escort requirements, restricted movement times and/or any additional requirements and comments applicable to the permit.  Penalties may be imposed for movements without a required permit or when specified conditions are not met.

It is recommended that the transportation permit application be submitted for initial review at least five (5) business days in advance of the date of movement.

Application Process​

  1. Obtain application from Technical Resources at 827 7th Street, Room 105 or from a designated permit service.
  2. Submit completed transportation permit application to Technical Resources and pay permit fees to the cashier at 827 7th Street, Room 105.
  3. Application is reviewed for dimensions, route, and load requirements. Additional comments are added to application.
  4. The approved permit is issued by Technical Resources.  Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for processing.

The following attachments and documents must be present with the permit and in the vehicle during the move for the permit to be valid:

  • Transportation Permit Conditions
  • Pilot Car Conditions, if applicable

For Manufactured Mobile and Modular Homes Permits:

  • Conditions for Manufactured Housing
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Dealer’s Notice of Transfer
  • Registration Card with written consent from the legal owner.
    (per CVC 35790)

Fee Schedule​

​Annual Permits (all types)—$47
Construction Equipment
​Mobile and Modular Homes (On Own Axles)

​​Repetitive Permits (all types)—$47
Construction Equipment
​Mobile and Modular Homes (On Own Axles)

​Single Trip Permits—$16
Construction Equipment
Mobile and Modular Homes (On Own Axles $16)
Modular Buildings (Hauled $16 or $66 if criteria below applies)

​​House, Modular Homes—$66
(On Truck/Trailer)
(1) Loads in excess of 14 feet wide
(2) Loads in ex​cess of 135 in overall length
(3) Loads tat are of a weight that require:
     a. More than 13-axle, vehicle width combination, or
     b. 13 axle, vehicle width load deck 40 feed apart, or
     c. Two or ore side-by-side vehicles width 14 feet.
+Certificate of Insurance
+Overweight Endorsement

​​​​Special Equipment—$100
(e.g. Large Transformers, Variance Loads)
  • A security deposit and/or direct billing may be required for certain permits.
  • When destination is within Sacramento County, a building permit may be required for buildings and structures. This must be issued before the transportation permit can be validated.
  • Permits are not given to STAA trucks whose semitrailer’s kingpin to last axle distance exceed the limits as defined in CVC 35401.


Maximum Allowable Dimensions​

(must be a non-reducible load)

Annual Permits

Repetitive Annual Permits

​​​Construction Equip. & Misc. Loads:
-Height—15 ft.
-Width—14 ft.
​-Length—Steerable trailers - 135 ft. 
     Non Steerable trailers – 115 ft.  

​​​​-Height—16.5 ft. (Route Survey Reqd. if Ht. >15 ft.)
-Width—16 ft.
-Length—Steerable trailers - 135 ft.
      Non steerable trailers – 115 ft.

     Tow Trucks-Recovery ​Only - 120 ft.​  -Weight—(Dependent on Route)

-Weight—(Dependent on Route) 


Manufactured Homes and Modulars:
-Height—14 ft.
-Width—12 ft
-Length—90 ft
-Weight—(Dependent on Route)
  • Annual Permits are Restricted to Yellow and Green Routes

​​Annual Emergency Permits

​Unrestricted– See Technical Resources for specific emergency permit requirements.

Single and Repetitive Single Trip Permits

​-Height—3 in Below Lowest Structure (Route Survey Reqd. if Ht. > 15 ft.)
-Length—120 ft (Repetitive)
              Unrestrictive (Single Trip)
-Weight—(Dependent on Route)

 CHP Escort Requirement​

-Height—17 ft. and over (Height Pole Car req.)
-Width—Over 16 ft.
-Length—Over 120 ft. (135 w/ steerable trailer)

Restricted Movement Times

No movement of loads exceeding non permitted dimensions is allowed between the hours of 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM. Loads exceeding weight limits are allowed if dimension limits are not exceeded.

For Additional Information

Call 311 or (916) ​874-6544 or send an email to dsstrdpermits@saccounty.gov.​​