Parking Zones And Signs

Below is information regarding parking zones, signage, commercial vehicles and abandoned vehicles.

Residential Parking and Control

Residents who live near parks, apartment complexes, and schools often request some type of parking control in their neighborhood.  If residents would like to restrict parking on their streets, they must submit a petition to the Department of Transportation.  The petition must be signed by every resident along the full length of the street.  Parking restrictions that are approved and installed apply to all vehicles, including those belonging to residents and their guests.  Any cost for future removal or relocation of these signs (initiated by the property owners) will be paid for by the property owners.

No Parking/No Stopping Signs

NO PARKING and NO STOPPING zones are usually used in high traffic flow areas where on-street parking would be a safety hazard (Sacramento County Code 10.24.030).  No parking zones that are usually NOT posted include: Bus stops, pedestrian crosswalks, fire hydrants, and alleys.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles, such as semi-trailers or tractor-trailers, are prohibited from parking on public streets within a residential district for more than one hour within a twenty-four hour period per Sacramento County Code 10.24.070 (h).

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle parked on a roadway for more than 72 hours is considered an abandoned vehicle, which is in violation of Sacramento County Code 10.24.070(b).  For enforcement of abandoned vehicle violations, contact the Sacramento County Information Center at 875-5656. 

Where is it Illegal to Park?

  • In an intersection
  • On a sidewalk or crosswalk
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or fire station driveway
  • Where the signs say "NO PARKING" and "NO STOPPING"
  • In front of a sidewalk ramp.
  • In a parking place designated for disabled persons (Unless you are disabled and have a placard or special plate)
  • Facing the opposite direction of traffic
  • In front of a driveway
  • At a red curb

Additional Information​

For general questions and information regarding: 

Parking Zones and Signs

Parking Signage Maintenance

Abandoned Vehicles

Call 311 or 875-4311 or send an email to​.