Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation - 2021

​Project Description

Repair and rehabilitate failed areas of pavement on arterial, residential and rural roadways, including:  removal and replacement of failed pavement and base material, pothole repair, patching, crack sealing, pavement balancing, slurry and chip sealing, and pavement overlay.  This project is continuous throughout the fiscal year and involves pavement maintenance on roadways in all communities of unincorporated Sacramento County.

​Board of Supervisors District

​State Assembly District

​State Senate District

​Project Location


South Watt N/B,

(Fruitridge  Rd. to Jackson Hwy.) 


Twin Cities Rd.,

 (Pellandlni Rd. to Hardesty Ln.)


Excelsior Rd.,

(Calvine Rd. to Spiva Rd.)


Clay Station Rd.,

(Beskeen Rd. to Intersection


​Orr Rd.,

(Christensen Rd. to McFarland Ranch)


​Scott Rd.,

(White Rock Rd. to Latrobe Rd.)


White Rock Rd.,

(Grant Line Rd. to 4000 ft West)


​Greenback Ln.,

(Fair Oaks Blvd. to Trajan Dr.)


Sunrise Blvd.,

(Wildridge Dr. to Madison Ave.)


Sunrise Blvd.,

(Howard St. to Sunrise Bridge)


Dewey Dr., 

(Coyle Ave to North to City Limits)


​Cypress Ave.,

(Walnut Ave. to Rochdale Ave.)


Roseville Rd.,

(Adagio Wy. to North to City Limits)


​Watt Ave.,

(Karl Dr. to Roseville Rd.)