SB 1 - AC Overlay Pavement Project

Project Description

Rehabilitate arterial and residential streets, including: repair failed areas of the pavement (base repair); overlay the roadway with asphalt concrete pavement; repair damaged curb, gutter, sidewalk; and various items of work to complete the overlay including but not limited to placing slurry seal, adjusting manholes, and restriping the roadway. 

Project locations cannot be fully planned or anticipated in advance, as these maintenance needs develop within a short period of time due to an aging roadway system.  At this time, the following roadways have been identified for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation work to be completed in FY 2021-22. 

During the year, work will be completed at additional locations as the needs are identified, and these locations will be reported in the Completed Project Expenditure Report: 

Phase 1​

  • FR04A North (14th Ave - 44th Ave - 18th Ave - E. Nichols Ave)
  • 44Th St (Slurry Seal) - 23rd Ave - 14th Ave 
  • Roosevelt Ave (slurry seal) - 44th st - Stockton Blvd
  • Palmer House Dr - Gerber Rd - Skander Wy
  • Lemon Hill Ave - 44th St - Sampson Blvd
  • AP06A (Hurley Wy - Watt Ave - Windsor Dr - Morse Ave)
  • FO07D (Manzanillo St, Shamrock Dr, Ascolano Ave - Sunset Ave)
  • Marshall Avenue - Mapel Ln - Lincoln Ave
  • Antelope North Rd - Antelope Rd - Poker Ln
  • Christensen Rd - New Hope Rd – Live Oak Ave
  • Grand Island Rd - Grand Island Mansion - one mile south
  • Sloughhouse Rd - Grant Line Rd canal                                

​Phase 2

Franklin Boulevard - A Pkwy - Turnbridge Dr

Andrea Boulevard - Diablo Dr - Tupelo Dr

Madison Avenue - Roseville Rd - Jackson St

Phoenix Avenue - Illinois Ave - Hazel Ave

Eastern Avenue - Whitney Ave - Engle Rd

Elkhorn Blvd - 2nd St - Rio Linda Blvd

Hazel Avenue - Greenback Ln - Central Ave