Short Range Transit (2022-2026) and Zero Emission Bus Plan


Sacramento County Department of Transportation is undertaking a Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) for South County and East County Transit and developing a Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) roll out plan for South County.

Through the development of the Short Range Transit Plan, the planning team will be taking a look at the current and anticipated travel needs of residents who take transit in and around South and East Sacramento County. The process will include community engagement to obtain feedback from the public on potential transit needs, gaps in service, and potential opportunities to improve service and increase ridership. The ZEB plan will outline the plan for purchasing and implementing Zero Emission Buses over a five year period, which will ultimately reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the South County Transit (SCT) Link ​bus fleet and improve air quality in the region.  Amador Transit, which provides service to East County, which will address their Zero Emission Bus Plan separately.


The Plan area comprises the south and east portions of Sacramento County including the City of Galt, the City of Isleton, Walnut Grove, Locke, Ryde, Herald, and Rancho Murieta.


Final Report​​

​Read the Zero Emission Plan


The County’s South County Transit System currently provides the following services for community members: 

  • Dial-a-Ride: provides curb-to-curb service within the City of Galt.
  • Highway 99 Express: provides service connecting Galt with the Lodi Transit Center, the City of Elk Grove, and South Sacramento communities.
  • Delta Route: provides service from the City of Isleton and other Delta communities to Galt, with connecting service via the Highway 99 Express to the Lodi Transit Center, Elk Grove, and South Sacramento communities.
  • Commuter Express: provides direct service from Galt to the downtown and midtown areas of the City of Sacramento.
  • In East County, the County contracts with Amador Transit to provide bus service to Rancho Murieta.


The California Innovative Clean Transit mandate requires the County to develop a ZEB roll out plan by July 1, 2023, ensure that 25% of fleet purchases in 2026 are ZEBs, and convert all of its fleet to ZEBs by2029. Cutaway and motor coach buses do not need to be converted until at least 2026.

Get Involved

The planning process includes community engagement to solicit feedback from the public on ways to improve transit in the south and east parts of the County, and how to best implement Zero Emission Buses.

The public outreach schedule currently includes (note that the time frame below is tentative):

  • Community Meetings begin - late August 2021
  • Board of Supervisors presentation on the draft plans - March 2022

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Recent Meetings

View the October 6, 2021, virtual public meeting to gather feedback on the Short Range Transit Plan.


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October 6, 2021

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