Fair Share/Cash In Lieu (FS/CIL) Reporting

​What Is This Program?

Per Sacramento County Code (SCC) Chapter 12.03, street improvements that do not exist shall be required in conjunction with any construction, grading, or related work located adjacent to any County street or on property utilizing any County street for ingress and egress, except that such improvements shall be deferred as described in SCC Section 12.03.050 for residential property unless:
1. Street improvements are, in the opinion of the Administrator, necessary for public safety; or
2. Street improvements would complete the extension of improvements already existing on either side of the subject property. 

Per SCC 12.03.050, the Administrator may defer the requirement of concurrent construction of improvements for commercial properties, or may accept a cash payment in an amount determined by the Administrator in lieu of improvements, if the Administrator determines that the character of the surrounding neighborhood and the present development thereof does not require the immediate installation and construction of the improvements required by this chapter, as of the time of the construction of the building or structures authorized by the building permit.

The County may also require as part of a traffic impact analysis through conditions of approval, fair share cumulative contributions for impacts which exceed or are not addressed in other fee programs. 

Map Of Unapplied FS/CIL Locations By District


Unapplied Fair Share & Cash In Lieu By Supervisorial​ District

As of March 30, 2022​

​Supervisorial District

​Number of Projects​Amount
​District 1​0
​District 27
​District 3​29​$854,323.50
​District 421
​District 5 ​16

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