Hazel Avenue at State Route 50 Interchange

Project Overview

This project proposes improvements at the Hazel Avenue interchange with U.S. 50, located in Sacramento County. The project area is bounded along Hazel Avenue by the Tributary Point/westbound off-ramp intersection to the north, and extends approximately 1000 feet south of Folsom Boulevard to a future intersection within the approved Easton Place development. The project limits along U.S. 50 begin approximately 3,200 feet west of the existing Hazel Avenue overcrossing, and extend just east of the gore of the eastbound off-ramp at the Folsom Boulevard interchange. Improvements along Folsom Boulevard will extend from approximately 1,200 feet west of the Hazel Avenue intersection to 900 feet to the east.  The project includes the following elements:

  • Extension of Hazel Avenue south to a proposed intersection with the future Atlanta Street. 
  • Grade separation of Hazel Avenue over Folsom Boulevard and the Sacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor – Joint Powers Authority rail corridor. 
  • Construction of a portion of an eastbound transition lane on U.S. 50 from Hazel Avenue to the gore of the eastbound off-ramp at the Folsom Boulevard interchange. 
  • Modification of the existing Aerojet Road off-ramp from U.S. 50. 
  • Construction of two lane on-ramps in each direction. On-ramps may include meters and carpool lanes.  
  • Reconstruction of the westbound loop on-ramp. 
  • Reconstruction of the eastbound diagonal off-ramp.
  • Reconstruction of both eastbound on-ramps.
  • Construction of eastbound auxiliary lanes for on-ramps and off-ramps, from west of the Hazel Avenue to the eastbound off-ramp, and from the loop on-ramp extending to the Folsom Boulevard interchange.
  • Construction of  approximately 2,300 feet of Folsom Boulevard roadway improvements including sidewalks, street lighting, and landscaping along the north side, and landscaping and lighting along the south side.
  • Construction of Atlanta Street that would connect Folsom Boulevard and the southern extension of Hazel Avenue.  This section of Atlanta Street has been referred to as the “jug handle” due to its shape from an aerial perspective.


The following are current funding sources for the Hazel Avenue at State Route 50 Interchange Improvement project:

  • Local Development Fees.
  • Sacramento County Measure A Sales Tax.

Contact Information

Tim Stevens, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-874-7281​
Email: stevensti@saccounty.net