Projects Funded with the Gas Tax Account (SB 1)

​ ​Project​Location​Start Date​Percent Complete​Cost

Fulton Ave. Overlay Project

Fulton Ave., Arden Way to Auburn Blvd.​September 1, 2017100​$4,100,000

​Garfield Ave. Overlay Project

Garfield Ave., Verner Ave. to Greenback Lane​September 1, 2017​100​$700,000

​​2017 Pavement Overlay Projects

Antelope North Rd. (Poker Lane to Olive St.)
May 1, 2018100​$9,250,000
​​Eastern Ave. (Marconi Ave. to Whitney Ave.)
​​El Camino Ave. (Fulton Ave. to Watt Ave.)
​​Gerber Rd. (Power Inn Rd. to French Rd.)
​Goethe Rd. (Mayhew Dr. to Branch Center Rd.)
​​Kiefer Bl. (Huntsman Dr. to Bradshaw Rd.)
​​Marconi Ave. (Watt Ave. to Eastern Ave.)

​​Traffic Signal System Upgrade

47th Ave. (Martin Luther King, Jr. Bl. to SR 99)September 1, 2017100​$400,000
​Bradshaw Rd. (Folsom Bl. to Kiefer Bl.)
​Franklin Bl. (Martin Luther King, Jr. Bl. to Turnbridge Dr.)
​Gerber Rd. (Stockton Bl. to Elk Grove-Florin Rd.)
​Kiefer Bl. (Bradshaw Rd. to South Watt Ave.)
Stockton Bl. (Chandler Dr./66th St. to Elsie Rd./Mack Rd.)
​​Power Inn Rd. (Scottsdale Rd. to Haystack Dr.)

​Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk Replacement/ADA Ramps

​Fruitridge Area:  14th Ave., Stockton Blvd., 23rd Ave., West Nichols Ave.​July 1, 2018100​$225,000

​Florin Area New Street Light Project

The residential streets within the neighborhood bounded by Florin Road on the north, Lindale Drive on the west and south, and Palmerhouse Drive on the east​April 1, 2018​75​$475,000

​LED Street Light Installation Project

The residential streets within the neighborhood bounded by 53rd Avenue on the north, Stockton Blvd. on the west, Florin Road on the south, and Briggs Drive on the east​July 15, 201880​$520,000

Rio Linda Blvd Bridge Replacement at North Channel Dry Creek

Rio Linda Boulevard at North Channel Dry Creek, located 0.8 miles south of Elkhorn Boulevard​July 1, 2018100​$1,160,000

​Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Alta Mesa Road (Walkerville Road to Simmerhord Road)


New Hope Road (Grizzly Slough to County Line

​July 1, 2018