Adopt-A-Street Equipment Kit Contents

The equipment kit is designed to provide Adopt-a-Street volunteers with the necessary materials and tools to have a successful and safe cleanup event.

The Program Coordinator will arrange for a Safety Orientation to all adopting volunteer groups prior to their first cleanup, and will supply the equipment kit. Additional safety information is provided in the Safety Tip section that follows.

The following items are included in the Equipment Kit:

  • 1 Portable “Litter Pickup Crew Ahead” Barricade
  • 2 Litter Pik-Stixs
  • 10 Safety Vests
  • 1 Box - Plastic Litter Bags (approx. 100 bags)

Please look through the Equipment Kit when you pick it up from your Program Coordinator. The kit is designed to provide enough materials for ten volunteers. If any items are missing, notify the Program Coordinator immediately. Also, if you have any questions regarding the proper use of equipment, please ask.