Adopt-A-Street Preferred Streets



16th Street

Elkhorn Boulevard to Ascot Avenue

28th Street

Elkhorn Boulevard to Elverta Road

43rd Avenue

44th Street to 37th Street

44th Avenue

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to East End

Antelope Road

Watt Avenue to Roseville Road

Auburn Boulevard

Howe Avenue to Watt Avenue

Bradshaw Road

Calvine Road to Old Placerville Road

Bruceville Road

Kammerer Road to Twin Cities Road

Calvine Road

Power Inn Road to Grantline Road

Coloma Road

Sunrise Boulevard to Folsom Boulevard

Dillard Road

Freeway 99 to Jackson Road/HWY 16

Don Julio Boulevard

Antelope Road to Heartland Drive

Douglas Road

Mather Field Road to Sunrise Boulevard

E. Stockton Boulevard

Power Inn Road to Mack Road

Elk Grove Florin Road

Calvine Road to Florin Road

Elkhorn Boulevard

Freeway 99 to Interstate 80

Elsie Avenue

Stockton Boulevard to Cottonwood Lane

Elverta Road

Freeway 99 to Watt Avenue

Excelsior Road

Calvine Road to Kiefer Boulevard

Fair Oaks Boulevard

Madison Avenue to Stacy Hills Drive (CH City Limits)

Florin Road

Stockton Boulevard to Bradshaw Road

Folsom Boulevard

Watt Avenue to e/o Hazel Avenue (Folsom City Limits)

Franklin Boulevard

RR. tracks to Hood Franklin Road

Gerber Road

Stockton Boulevard to Excelsior Road

Gold Country Boulevard

West of Hazel Avenue (Unimproved Areas)

Grant Line Road

Calvine Road to Jackson Road/HWY 16

Greenback Lane

Fair Oaks Boulevard to Main Avenue

Happy Lane

Kiefer Boulevard to Old Placerville Road

Hazel Avenue

County Line to Folsom Boulevard

Hedge Avenue

Jackson Road/HWay16 to Florin Rd

Kiefer Boulevard

Bradshaw Road to Happy Lane

La Mancha Way

Tangerine Avenue to Orange Avenue

Lindale Drive

Florin Road to Stockton Boulevard

Madison Avenue

Air Base Drive to Interstate 80

Madison Avenue

Hemlock Street to Hackberry Lane

Madison Avenue

Schuyler Drive to San Juan Avenue

Madison Avenue

San Juan Avenue to Wedge Circle

Madison Avenue

Sunrise Boulevard to Fair Oaks Boulevard So. Side

Madison Avenue

Fair Oaks Boulevard to Greenback Lane

Main Avenue

Sunset Avenue to Madison Avenue

Marysville Boulevard

Rio Linda Boulevard to Straugh Road

Orange Avenue

Circle Parkway to La Mancha Way

Persimmon Avenue

Orange Avenue to Tangerine Avenue

Placerville Road

White Rock Road to HWY 50

Power Inn Road

Lorin Avenue to Geneva Point Drive (EG City Limits)

Prairie City Road

White Rock Road to HWY 50

Rio Linda Boulevard

Sacramento City limits to County line

Roseville Road

Sacramento City Limits to Butternut Way

South Watt Avenue

Florin Road to Jackson Road/HWY 16

Scott Road

White Rock Road to HWY 50

Stockton Boulevard

City Limits South to Power Inn Road

Sunrise Boulevard

Madison Avenue to Grantline Road

Sunrise Boulevard

South Bridge Street to Fair Oaks Boulevard

West 6th Street

Straugh Road to U Street

Walerga Road

Hillsdale Boulevard to Roseville Rd

Walerga Road

Roseville Rd to North Loop Boulevard

Watt Avenue

Elkhorn Boulevard to Placer County Line

White Rock

Road Sunrise Boulevard to Prairie City Road

Wilton Road

Cosumnes River Bridge to Dillard Road