Adopt-A-Street Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adopt-A-Street Program?

It is a program where organizations take on the responsibility of picking up litter on a specific section of roadway. Volunteer organizations are recognized by having their name and/or logo (logo to be provided by organization) on two (2) roadside signs provided by the County of Sacramento.

How do organizations adopt a street?

  1. Contact the Adopt-a-Street Program Coordinator, at the County of Sacramento, Municipal Services Agency, Department of Transportation at 4100 Traffic Way, Sacramento, California, 95827, (916) 875-ROAD.
  2. A member of our staff will discuss with you which street(s) are available for adoption and send you a Program Guide to complete.
  3. After completion of the application, and review by our Program Coordinator, arrangements with be made to finalize the adoption.

Is this anything like the Adopt-a-Highway Program sponsored by the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)?

Yes, the Adopt-a-Street Program is very similar to the state program, but it only involves local streets within the County of Sacramento.

Isn’t working along the road too dangerous for volunteers?

Each volunteer’s safety is extremely important to us. Therefore the leaders of each organization along with the initial volunteers are required to attend a Safety Orientation class. Group leaders will be responsible for training any additional future volunteers. In addition, safety vests and brightly colored garbage bags will be provided.

If someone is injured while participating in the Adopt-a-Street Program, who is responsible for their injuries?

The Adopt-a-Street Program is a volunteer program. All volunteers agree to participate in this program at their own risk. During the adoption process each member of the organization will be required to sign a Hold Harmless form.

Is there a minimum length of street to be considered?

Yes, a minimum of 1/2 mile long is necessary for operational efficiency and bookkeeping. Exceptions may be made for difficult areas on a case-by-case basis.

How long is an adoption period?

An adoption period is two (2) years.

How many times per year does an organization have to pick up litter along the adopted street?

Each adopted street must be cleaned of litter 2-4 times per year, depending on the street section. Some sections have a history of accumulating a lot of litter (4 times), while others only require an occasional cleanup (2 times).

Once the organization’s volunteers fill up the garbage bags, who picks them up?

Once the County Program Coordinator has been notified by an organization that trash pickup has been completed, the County will schedule pickup of the bags.

Who provides the Adopt-a-Street Signs?

The County of Sacramento will provide two (2) Adopt-A-Street signs, one sign at each end of the adopted street section. The signs will provide the sponsoring organizations name in sufficient detail to identify the organization. Organizations also have the option of placing their organization’s logo/name on the sign. Organizations requesting a logo or name written in a special writing style (font) will be able to take the plate to a private sign shop where upon their logo and/or name can be placed. All logos must be approved by the County. Once the plate is completed and returned to the County, arrangements will be made to place the plate on the permanent adopt-a-street sign within 30 days after the initial cleanup. No street address or telephone number will be included on the signs. The County will maintain the signs.

What size are the Adopt-a-Street Signs?

Each permanent adopt-a-street sign measures 48” x 36”. Within the sign is a removable plate which measures 40” x 14”. Adopting organizations will be able to have their name placed on this plate by the County.

How soon after adoption will the Organization be recognized with an Adopt-a-Street Sign?

Volunteers will be recognized for participation in the Adopt-a-Street program within thirty (30) days after the first cleanup.