Adopt-A-Street Fact Sheet

The Adopt-A-Street Program involves volunteer organizations picking up litter on the roadside of Sacramento County streets.

  • The cleanup area may be as much as the volunteer organization can control, but no less than 1/2 mile long.
  • Volunteer organizations will need to clean each street section 4 times per year.
  • In addition, the leaders of each organization along with the initial volunteers are required to attend a Safety Orientation class.
  • Group leaders will be responsible for training any additional future volunteers.
  • Organizations are also required to fill out an Adopt-a-Street Application, and Release of Liability form, before cleanup can begin.
  • Organizations are required to contact the Program Coordinator two business days prior to their scheduled cleanup and within 1 business day following the cleanup.

In addition, once cleanup is completed the organization will need to fill out a Completion Form and return to the Program Coordinator via mail, web form, fax, or e-mail. 

Sacramento County, to show its appreciation, will provide two (2) Adopt-a-Street signs, one at each end of the adopted section to show where the organization is working. Signs will display the organization's name and logo (to be provided by organization), but no addresses or phone numbers are allowed.

The County will supply garbage bags and safety equipment to the volunteers and will provide garbage pickup service.

The Adopt-A-Street Program has proven to be successful in improving appearance through litter pickup and is a great way for community based organizations/groups and businesses to show their involvement in the community. This Program will provide another opportunity for business and community based organizations/groups to work together in this effort.